Thursday, November 24, 2005

Antidote for depression

I have found the perfect remedy for depression.When you are down and out in the dumps all you do is pick up a Friends' DVD and see atleast 4 episodes back to back.You will see yourself smiling inspite of your condition.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Give and forgive!

I have this calendar owned by my friend in front of me at my desk which shows a proverb for each day. She religiously changes the page each day. Well talk about girls being very meticulous .

Well the proverb for today that is right in my face says "Do you want to live a healthy life? Give and forgive! " . Woah!!!! whoever heard of that ???? I thought to live a healthy life you need to at least eat well and exercise. But what do I know , may be give and forgive is what I ought to do to lead a healthy life

Friday, October 07, 2005

To catch a thief

Well we caught one yesterday. No I did not personally catch him but I was a part of the interrogation team. We had just about opened our text book and were readying ourselves for a long drawn session when there was a knock at the door. It was from two blokes staying on the second floor of my friends house where I had been for the study session. They seemed quite worried. One of them said they had apprehended a thief and wanted our help.

So off we went climbing the stairs and the thoughts running through me at that moment was , hey I have always heard of thieves but never been able to put a face to one. So today I thought was the day when a thief would have a real face. He turned out to be a sorry figure sitting on the balcony with one of his arms twisted behind his back and tears streaming down his face. Quickly around 7-8 of them were surrounding the fella and then the interrogation started. He was asked why he was there and reply was , "Sorry sir I was drunk and didn't have a clue as to what I was doing". I suggested to call the local police and the fella let out a heart wrenching wail. Then we wanted to know the life history of the fella. He said he was studied in MES college but later made it as drop out after the first year. Age 18 years and was married!!!!! Staying with in laws as parents had thrown him out of the house. His dad was supposed to be a mobile salesman but didn't have a mobile of his own. We asked him for a reference or a phone number but he said he couldn't remember any. He did have a phone book which we searched through and he said it contained the office phone number of his wife. She works in VLCC koramangala and we called her. He was pleading that we not tell any of his (mis)adventures to her. A call to her confirmed that there really existed a guy by the name we had caught and it was her husband. We told her that we were from the RTO and had rounded up this chap on the road and he did not have the necessary papers.

After the interrogation which lasted almost an hour and a half we were confused as to what to do with him and after much deliberation we decided to let him go scot free after some stern warning. The chap whose mobile was being stolen by this fella was the one who decided to pardon him.

Once the fella was gone we came down and dug ourselves into that big fat MO textbook of ours cos it's mid term tomorrow.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Yukon Ho!!!

Oh well not Yukon but Quebec, which is where i am heading to. Sept 19th 2005 is turning out to be one of the most memorable days of my life. A day when i am feeling on top of this world. A day when i feel nothing can possibly go wrong to me on this day. Well the day did not start of on any kind of exemplarily note but , by noon today i got a mail from our prof that we were the team that is selected to represent IIMB at the international case competition going to be held in Montreal from Jan 3rd to the 7th. Details of the competition is here .
Well i had to bunk office on Friday to submit our analysis of Canadian Airlines for the prelims at IIMB. Well i guess we did do a pretty neat job in the end.

The entire trip is going to lighten my pockets by around 1 lakh rupees, but i guess it is going to be worth it. Hopefully i will get some assistance from IIMB or my company. Also if any of you out there want to sponsor my trip you are most welcome ;)

Apart from that my finance prof for the last quarter has said that he was willing to let me and another batch mate of mine to work with him on some project. Discussions to continue on that from next week. So all in all it turned out to be a super cool day.

Well as i was returning home thinking on how nothing could go wrong today , my bike had other plans. The front tire decided it was time to deflate my ego so it decided to deflate itself. Well i had to push my bike rest of the way home , almost 2 kms. Well today being such a wonderful day i have decided to forgive my bike.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Bloggers Block

Yeah that is what I am stuck with these days. No it is not the unavailability of time that is preventing me from posting and also not the unavailability of events. I will purely put it down to laziness on my part .

Well the things that have happened after the last post are

Quarter 1 comes to a successful end. Though the grades are not out yet but I believe I haven't done too badly. The paper I was worried about the most in the exam was Micro eco , but have got the answer sheets for them and I have sailed through. yippee!!!!

Went on a trek to Kemmangundi with my rommie, his cousins and 2 friends of his cousin. Well these chaps are fresh out of college and the enthusiasm shows. I also had a very rude shock when one of them called me an Uncle as I was climbing the hill slower than them. First time somebody has called me an uncle!!!!!!!! Well the grey hairs are beginning to show and I will have to live with that from now on I guess :)

Won a quiz . This was not with my regular quizzing partner who has ditched me and found solace in the green bills with uncle Ben's image. But a victory is always great. It has helped bloat my already inflated ego further.

Quarter 2 has also begun. This time the subjects are Macro eco , Quants and Org Behavior. Well as yet all of them are interesting. I guess I like Macro the most and quants the least. Well numbers and me were never friends anyways!

Today is Onam as well. I am trifle sad that I couldn't be at home in Kerala with my parents. But did not miss out on a full fledged sadhya here. My rommie had invited around 10 of his team mates home for lunch. A good stumpous lunch always leaves me in a state of bliss and it is this bliss that inspired me out of the Bloggers Block.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Some real bird watching

The week started of with some hectic activity as there were two reports and an presentation, one for each of my course and by mid week i was thru with all of them. Yupp a surprise as history has shown me to be a last minute ditch effort person , but for once things were different. But i am sure this is a one off incident and things will soon back to be normal and i will soon be back to my old antics.

Mom was around this week , and i took a day off to spend some time with her. Saturday started off with all the prof's concluding their lectures for the current quarter and wishing us luck for the end term exams. Submission of all papers were done in time and now it is going to be a good solid slog for a week before the exams.

The weekend also saw a cultural fest at IIMB and i watched some plays by the colleges from across Bangalore in the evening. There were plays by Chekhov, Shaw , Marlowe , but what really stood out, was a play written and performed by some girls from MCC Bangalore. That was really a class apart. The auditorium was filled with the usual shouting, cat calls, fun and masti associated with such events. I did some good bird watching too :). Well must admit that was the best part of the whole evening.

We headed out to Geoffrey’s after the event and i even shook a leg after a very long time. Sunday was spent in a special class with the Prof taking us through the financial reports of Titan industries. Came to know on how companies with very good brand image in the market can actually be doctoring their financial reports consistently for years. I have lost all respect for this company of the Tata's.

It was also the day of the inaugural Turkish grand prix and saw Kimi winning comfortably. If only Montoya had not spun out on the penultimate lap i could have walked home with a 5 liter keg of kingfisher beer :(

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

As busy as it can get

After hours spent doing Industry Analysis for the automobile sector and reading on why Boeing should not produce a super-jumbo carrier ( frankly after reading through the Greek and Latin masqueraded as English by the author , I don't care a hoot if Boeing as a company never ever produces another plane. Ever!!!!!!!) I was zapped. It was then that my study buddy asked "why not go check out a play at RangaShankara ?" . I was just waiting to run away from my books by then.

When we reached the theater , we came to know that it was the play called as "A heap of Broken Images" , and it would be a single character one act play. You can read the review of the play here. I was apprehensive , should I blow a hundred bucks just to watch a middle aged lady talk to herself for an hour. Not a very attractive proposition. But I decided , what the heck lemme go for it. What a wonderful play it turned out to be . The artist was simply awesome, and boy what a command over the language and how on earth could somebody hold an group of 100 odd people mesmerized for an hour. Bloody brilliant I say.

RangaShankara , I'll be back for more plays!

Independence day was spent entirely at home reading stuff and completing the report. Now it is almost 70% done. Have a submission this weekend . Hopefully will be able to finish it off. Dad and Mom coming tomorrow, can't wait to see them